Stranmillis PS Orchestra 2014/15

Stranmillis Primary School provides our pupils with a varied and enjoyable array of musical activities. As pupils progress through the school they have the opportunity to take part in, recorder tuition, school band, orchestra, woodwind group and school choir. We also hold annual musical events such as our Christmas Concert in Fisherwick Presbyterian Church and our School production each June which are always tremendous events.

Here are the main musical options open to our pupils:


All pupils begin to learn the descant recorder in Primary 4.  We use the Red Hot Recorder Tutor (Sarah Watts).  In Primary 6 some pupils will have the opportunity to learn the treble or the tenor recorder.

Instrumental Tuition

CBSM tutors are available in school for strings, brass and woodwind tuition.  Selection takes place in Primary 4.

Stranmillis PS Band 2014/15

School Band

Pupils from Primary 5 to Primary 7 who play brass instruments are encouraged to join the band. Rehearsals are Tuesday afternoon after school.


Pupils from Primary 6 and Primary 7 who play stringed instruments are encouraged to join the orchestra.  Rehearsals are Tuesday afternoon after school.

School Choir

Pupils from Primary 5, 6 and 7 form the school choir.  Auditions are carried out.  Rehearsals are Wednesday mornings from 9 to 9.30am.

Stranmillis PS Recorder Group 2014/15