Board of Governors

The Board of Governors at Stranmillis Primary School comprises of two parent governors, one teacher representative, two representatives from the Belfast Education and Library Board and four Transferor representatives from Stranmillis University College. The School Principal, while not a Board member, is in attendance and acts as secretary. Each Board sits for four years, with this current Board of Governors having been constituted in September 2014.

The members of the Board of Governors are as follows:

Board Representatives 
Dr Maureen Thatcher (chair)
Dr Andrew Charles

Parents’ Representatives 
Mr John Murray
Mrs Jane Moriarty

Teachers’ Representative
Mrs Deirdre Hill

Transferors’ Representatives
Ms Denise Elliott
Mrs Rachel Campbell
Mrs Dawn Brown
Mr Paul Mifsud

The Responsibilities of a Board of Governors

Governors are obliged to carry out specific duties in relation to:-

  • Admission of Pupils (admissions policy, enrolment restrictions)
  • Finance (allocating funds, teachers’ pay policy, use of facilities)
  • Curriculum (ensure the Northern Ireland Curriculum is being delivered and assessed, ensure the education of children with Special Educational Needs)
  • Management of Staff (appointment of teachers and other staff, disciplinary and grievance procedures)
  • School inspections (take account of any inspection findings)
  • Reporting to Parents (annual report)
  • Premises Management (inspections, repairs and maintenance, health and safety, school security)
  • Pupils (pastoral care including child protection, discipline)

Download the Annual Report of the Board of Governors

Annual report 2017 2018